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Expert chess player and trainer

Private Coaching FAQ

Who is it for? Beginner players who want to work on foundational principles (<1000 Elo), intermediate club players (1000-1500), advanced tournament players (1500-2000)

What is the age range? I have had students ranging from 8-60 years old. Age does not matter, your passion and commitment for chess does!


What will I learn? Rock-solid chess principles, how to properly evaluate a position, when to look for tactics, calculation training, chess psychology.

What if the material is too hard? Rest assured, I tailor all my lessons to fit a student's level and needs!

How/when do I pay? Payment is available directly on site via CC/PayPal and is due before each lesson.

How can I book my first lesson? Fill out the form on the next page and we'll schedule a FREE 30 min consultation to explore if the fit is right!


I am an active tournament player and coach from Romania. My main strength is that I teach all my students to become independent critical thinkers in chess. As a player, my best features are: using intuition to trim the list of candidate moves, attacking chess, and practical rook endgames. Of course, I attempt to transfer this knowledge to students as well!

As a coach, I fully believe that I can help any committed individual achieve realistic goals, regardless of starting level. This is usually done by a weekly lesson (1-2 hrs) and periodic homework assignments. For the first half of the lesson, I generally analyze recent games with the student. In the second half,  I deliver personalized instruction aiming to shore up deficiencies.

I speak English fluently, having spent nearly 10 years in the United States. All lessons are conducted in English.


Player profile

My playing philosophy is simple: Attack and win!



  • Winner of the Romanian National Ch. Semifinal (6/7) in 2021

  • Winner of the U1900 Mid-America Open (4.5/5) in 2017

  • Played at the European Individual Ch. in 2022

  • Numerous category prizes at Open events

  • Best OTB win: 2400 FIDE

  • Highest OTB rating: 1981 FIDE 

  • Highest online ratings: 2681, 2641 Lichess (blitz)


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